Presto 05442 Pro CoolDaddy Deep Fryer

Presto 05442 Pro CoolDaddy
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On December 18, 2013
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This is ideal if you have a family, or if you enjoy cooking for friends.

Crispy fried food can be delicious. It can be a great part of a family meal, or it can be eaten simply as a snack. Cooking crispy fried food doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, if you use a quality deep fryer. With a high-quality deep fryer, you can make tasty, crispy fried foods. You can cook crispy fried shrimp to top salads, or you can fry onion rings to serve as a snack or as an accompaniment to another dish. There are many meal and snack possibilities that you can get from owning a deep fryer. One of the most efficient deep fryers is the Presto 05442 Pro CoolDaddy Deep Fryer.

About Presto

Presto is a company that provides consumers with a range of small appliances and kitchen accessories. The company specializes in providing quality products, at affordable prices.

Features and Benefits of the Presto Deep Fryer

The Presto 05442 Pro CoolDaddy Deep Fryer has many great features to offer. The deep fryer can be used to cook food for up to six people. This is ideal if you have a family, or if you enjoy cooking for friends. This is one of the most versatile deep fryers on the market, as it not only allows you to fry food, but you can also do many other things with it too. The deep fryer features many other cooking options, which allow you to stew, roast, grill, and bake foods. You can also use it to make casseroles and much more. This makes it a very versatile and covetable kitchen appliance. Also, the fact that it can also offers other cooking options means that you can have less appliances in your kitchen.

The Presto deep fryer includes many features that make cooking easier, safer, and more convenient. It includes a sixteen inch cooking surface, and it allows you to heat the oil at temperatures up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a large window, which you can use to view your food, without having to lift the lid off the fryer. The deep fryer also includes a locking cover. This locking cover has a push button latch, which makes it much safer. It also features a wire basket with an exterior handle, which allows you to lower the food into the oil, with the lid of the fryer on. This is much safer as it shields you from any oil spatter from the fryer. The fryer also has a cool-touch exterior, which is another feature that makes this deep fryer one of the safest on the market. The deep fryer is not only safe and easy to use, but it is also easy to clean. This is because this deep fryer includes removable parts. Click Here to get the Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer


The Presto 05442 Pro CoolDaddy Deep Fryer is one of the most convenient deep fryers on the market. If you want to check out another great Presto deep fryer, check out the Presto 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion fryer. This is a very safe appliance, which makes cooking with it much more enjoyable. It is also a highly versatile appliance, which not only allows you to cook delicious fried foods, but also gives you many other cooking options, like stewing or baking.

This is ideal if you have a family, or if you enjoy cooking for friends.