Safety Tips For Deep Frying At Home

Deep frying foods is definitely a great way to cook foods because it ends crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and anything that you put in a fryer or pot full of oil simply ends up tasting fantastic. That being said it is also one of the more dangerous ways to cook food due to the fact that you are using superheated oil.

This oil can burn you, it can spill and catch fire to the home, and it can catch fire all on its own too. Deep frying is perhaps one of the most dangerous cooking methods, therefore we’re here to talk about some safety tips that you can follow to fry foods by yourself at home without causing damage to yourself or your home.

Removing Food

One of the best tips to follow is to use the proper utensils to remove food from the oil once it is done frying. There have been several stories of people using plastic utensils to remove the food from the oil, utensils which of course melted and even caught fire. Furthermore you want to use either a metal spoon with drip holes or metal tongs. Whatever you use it needs to be metal and it needs to be able to let excess oil drip out or else you could spill hot oil on yourself or in your kitchen.

The Pot

Never deep fry in something like a skillet or anything else that isn’t deep and thick bottomed. The pot or pan you use needs to have high walls to prevent the oil from spilling over when you put the food in it. The pot should be deep as well as wide. Also don’t fill the pot up past to thirds to avoid it from spilling out, causing burns to you, and catching fire to your home. Of course you need to use high grade metal like stainless steel; no Teflon!

Always Be Wary

One of the things that caused the most damage when deep frying at home is not being attentive to what you are doing. Leaving a hot pot of oil unattended is very dangerous because it doesn’t take long for oil to overheat. Oil that overheats can combust on its own and cause a huge fire, plus hot oil can start to rise in the pot and boil over to hit the flames underneath, thus also causing a huge fire. That being said you always want an adult on hand and don’t leave a child with a fryer or pot of oil.

Have A Lid

When you deep fry at home you always want to make sure that you have a lid for the pot or at least something like a big baking tray. The lid isn’t for frying, but is actually for putting out a fire if you are unlucky to have your oil catch on fire. Fire needs oxygen to burn so if your oil does catch fire, putting a lid on it will smother it and put it out.

The Smoke Point

Another thing that is very important when deep frying at home by yourself is to always use a type of oil with a very high smoke point. The smoke point of oil is the temperature point at which the oil starts to smoke, burn, and catch fire. When the oil gets past this smoke point there is a big possibility of having it instantaneously combust and cause a huge grease fire.

You should always have a heat proof thermometer to check the temperature of your oil. No oil should go past 190 degrees Celsius or else you run the risk of having it catch on fire. The oils with the highest smoke points which are best used for frying include sunflower oil, vegetable oil, or even grape seed oil.

No Wet Foods

You should never put any wet food in hot oil because any liquid like water can cause the oil to boil uncontrollably and start to sputter. This oil can come up over the top of the pot and will also spray wildly into the air, thus causing you some serious injury and potentially causing a grease fire in your home. Always use a cloth or some paper towel to dry off any foods going into the dryer.

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