Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer Review

Presto 06003 Options

When it comes to cooking, consumers have a great range of options that can make these tasks easier. Many of these products are designed to do one job, but you also have the option of getting a multi-cooker that does a variety of different features. Some of the best multi-cookers do so many different jobs, that user will find that they use it almost every day. For a product that does steaming, deep-frying and so much more, consumers will love the Presto 06003 Options Electric multi-cooker/steamer.

Presto 06003

Features of the Presto Options multi-cooker and steamer

Getting a countertop appliance to help you improve and reduce effort of the different types of cooking that you do can have a lot of benefits. Many of these machines are not only designed for ease of use, but they also come ready to do a range of different cooking jobs. To make sure that you are getting a product that will fit your needs, it is important to look into the design and the features.

  • Cooks everything from soups, stews, fried foods and steamed vegetables
  • 1300 watts of power
  • 6 quart capacity
  • Deep fries up to 6 servings
  • Comes with cooking basket for steaming, deep frying and blanching
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Durable cast aluminum body
  • Nonstick coating on interior and exterior
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Tempered glass lid

Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a cooker that is versatile and affordable, then the Presto 06003 Options is an appliance that will serve you well. This multi-cooker is very easy to use and it offers a lot of cooking options. It is a great deep fryer, it cooks soups and stews and it steams. Not only that, but it does these jobs with very little hassle. Since this cooker offers so many cooking options, it can save space in your kitchen. Instead of having three or four different appliance, you get everything you need in one easy to use package. Along with being versatile and easy to use, this cooker is also very easy to clean. It comes with a nonstick coating and you can put the pot, the basket and the lid in the dishwasher.

Who will like the Presto Options multi-cooker?

This is an appliance that has a lot to offer to any kitchen. If you like fried food, it does a great job with that. It can help the user to make soups and stews and it can also be good for steaming vegetables. With so many cooking options and the fact that it is easy to use and clean, this multi-cooker can go a long way toward making any cooks life that much easier.

Don’t spend tons of money on complicated cookers that only do one job. This multi-cooker is very user friendly and it provides results that are as good as any of the competition. When you consider the versatility, the ease of use and the price, it makes the Presto 06003 Options Electric multi-cooker/steamer a value that cannot be beat.

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